Meet the Team is a locally owned and operated business that provides computer services to small businesses and home office users. Our mission is to provide professional service at reasonable rates while delivering exceptional customer service. Our staff has more than 30 years experience implementing Information Technology solutions for business.

Meet the Staff of

John SchroederJohn Schroeder is one of the owners of John has a solid business background and understands the bottom line goals of doing business along with an understanding of how to achieve those goals through Information Technology. John was the North America Infrastructure Director for a multinational, multibillion dollar corporation. He was responsible for a large staff and numerous data centers. He was at the forefront of making Infrastructure activities in North America Sarbanes–Oxley compliant; which was achieved a year ahead of the federal deadline.

Nevertheless, John also has a clear understanding of end user concerns which are often essential to a successful technology implementation. One of his favorite expressions is that: “We can’t lose sight of the day-to-day business operations and the people who run those operations. They need to fit into all of the discussions.” John oversees our company operations where he focuses and complements the services we provide at

John grew up in San Diego and holds a law degree from University of San Diego School of Law. John’s favorite way to spend a free afternoon is watching Perry Mason reruns although he’d be equally comfortable watching a Columbo rerun. John is also an avid reader and writer. He spends much of his free time reading books and writing novels.
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Michael PalmerMichael Palmer is one of the owners of Mike has enjoyed a substantial career in Information Technology for the last 30 years. His prior position was with a multinational, multibillion dollar company heading a global team of high-tech specialists. He led the team in the selection, procurement, and implementation of global technological solutions. His specific expertise was in server operating systems implementation including Microsoft Exchange. He continues this function at WebDispatch.

Mike has a unique perspective on technological issues as the well the ability to plan, design, and implement solutions. At WebDispatch, Mike manages the strategy for technology growth to ensure our products and services meet the growing needs of our customers.

When Mike is not working, his hobbies include building and maintaining a salt water aquarium, developing a video jukebox with an extensive video library, professional photography and photo editing. Mike also loves to travel.
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Charles BarnesCharles Barnes was born in Santa Clara and moved to the East Bay when he was 5 years old. He has a younger sister. His father was in the technology industry, and is still involved in field today. Charles has extreme knowledge of Mac computers (and other Apple systems including phones and iPads). He is also well versed in routers and firewall technology. Charles is our “go to guy” with these technologies. He’s also pretty good with Windows systems including servers.

How did Charles get his start in technology? His parents have a picture of a 2 year old Charles sitting at a keyboard. Too bad we don’t have that picture for this article. His earliest computer was an IBM 286 AT. His dream tech device that he doesn’t own today would be an iPhone6.

When he is not working, Charles enjoys games on Xbox, PS3, & Wii, going to the movies, and accidental rock climbing (a long story). His favorite movie is Tropic Thunder and his favorite beverage is Earthquake Zinfandel. Something nobody knows about Charles! He was home schooled from Grade’s 6-12.

Wanda LeeWanda Lee, Wanda Lee started working at her family-owned restaurant when she just thirteen years old. At seventeen, she became a Customer Sales Representative for Copper and Brass where she worked for thirteen years. She followed that experience with fifteen years as an Underwriter Associate for Chubb Insurance.

Wanda is currently our Customer Service representative at In her free time, she enjoys bike riding, walking, listening to music in the park, and spending time with her two dogs, Harley and Betty.