Our Clients


“Our staff can now focus on our core business… our clients”

client KwanThis summer, our office was being relocated, our server needed attention, and several computers needed updating. WebDispatch was in charge of moving all our technology, and getting us re-connected at the new office. The move went off without a hitch. Now that WebDispatch has assumed responsibility for our IT functions, our staff is spending less time on technical issues. Thanks to them, our staff can now focus on our core business…our clients!
~ Kim Kwan, Owner, Kwan Insurance Services

“Like having insurance.”

Geoffrey Disch, Green EscrowWebDispatch did the initial setup of our server, and helped us choose and set up the rest of our IT environment. We also recently moved our offices from Concord to Pleasanton and WebDispatch took care of moving and setting up all the computer equipment. And now with their monthly maintenance contract, I don’t have to worry. I have time to operate my business instead of having to deal with technology.
~ Geoffry A. Disch, President, Green Escrow Services, Inc.

“Minimized Downtime”

Edith HitesPrior to partnering with WebDispatch.com we experienced an unacceptable level of responsiveness from our computer service provider. Calls for service took forever before a technician resolved the problem. WebDispatch.com came in and quickly resolved our issues and has been very responsive and proactive in maintaining our network. They also were able to set up our system for online bill paying, claims processing, and digital x-ray transmission. We are very happy with their service and can now concentrate on our business instead of our computer problems.
~ Edith Hites, Sandor Hites DDS

“WebDispatch listens to our business needs.”

nancy BiegelWe were selecting new accounting software to run our business which required additional computer equipment, including a server. WebDispatch assessed our business requirements along with the requirements of the software, and provided a cost effective hardware solution. Then they worked with the software vendor to do the initial load and transfer of data. The transition went smoothly. I like the fact that WebDispatch listens to our business needs and discusses possible technology solutions in a consultative manner. They are also flexible and responsive to our problems.
~ Nancy Biegel, Controller, H2C2 and Associates

“Support & advice I can trust.”

I found WebDispatch about 3½ years ago. My network consists of both Macs & PCs and they are able to support both, along with the LabNet and SupplyNet software I use for my business. WebDispatch also set up my Microscope Video Camera and got it working. I like their fast response and flexibility – they will even work on the weekends to fit with my schedule.
~ Marty McHugh, President, California Dental Ceramics

“My Blood Pressure is down 10 points”

Russ BrownMy blood pressure is down 10 points since switching to WebDispatch. In the past, managing my network was like a part-time job that came with a monthly bill. Now, my network works well without interruption and it is not a constant form of stress. WebDispatch makes it possible for me to focus on practicing law not computer problems.
~ Jim Romag, President Brown, Koro & Romag LLC

“I gained 4-5 hours a week in efficiency”

ThomasI never used a computer in my business until 3 years ago. Now I use Outlook for follow-ups and have a huge number of contacts, over 4000. Because of the large number of contacts, finding the information I needed for follow-ups was difficult and time consuming. With the tutoring I received from WebDispatch, I am now able to refine my searches to find the stored data much more quickly. This has allowed me to make 80-100 more calls per week and has resulted in more sales.
~ Tom Thomas, Pro Expos Group, Castro Valley, CA

“WebDispatch has been instrumental in networking our office”

Bill ClarksonI have been the broker/owner of Golden Hills Brokers since 1979. We are San Ramon’s oldest continually owned and operated real estate company. Golden Hills Brokers was inducted into the San Ramon Chamber’s Hall of Fame in 2002. We have a known and trusted relationship with WebDispatch.com. They have been instrumental in networking our office. More importantly, they have been extremely helpful in solving technical & computer problems for our agents in a quick and prompt manner.
~ Bill Clarkson, Owner, Golden Hills Brokers

“Fast and competent”

I have taken my laptop to WebDispatch on two occasions for system upgrades. The work was done quickly and competently. They are fast. They came made a house-call on one occasion to help me setup and optimize my computers. They really seem to care about providing the best service possible. Did I mention that they are fast! I won’t go anywhere else for computer service.
~ Michael C., San Ramon

“I cannot recommend this company highly enough! They are terrific!”

I first became aware of WebDispatch last year when I spotted their vehicles parked in front of their building, adjacent to a gymnasium where I worked out. The computer mechanic that I had been using at the time had recently shut down, and I did have some computer work that needed doing, so the following day I gave them a call.They answered the telephone on the first ring, asked to know the difficulty I’d been having, and we set up a house-call in less than ten minutes.

On the appointed day, the technician was five minutes early! Although my computer office was quite messy, he made no remarks about it, opened up my computer, and diagnosed the problem in minutes. As I watched him work, it was easy to see that he was both knowledgeable and that he liked his work. But more than that, the technician was like a miner who knew exactly where the mother-lode was located and how to quickly deliver the gold. In less than 20 minutes, the work was done.

I was so pleased, I decided to give him another job, and I produced an old computer and asked if he could transfer the data from it to the other computer’s hard-drive. He said this could be done, but the transfer time would add up my bill and that it would be more practical for the work to be done at their headquarters, and that I could pick it up in two days’ time.

He was helping me save money! What more could you ask for?

So, when a piece of old software on my computer started giving me problems two weeks ago – and resisted being uninstalled – I gave WebDispatch a call. They performed their excellent work again!
Lawrence Burdick, Livermore

“I don’t look forward to needing computer service ever, but if I do, I will not hesitate to go back to WebDispatch.”

My laptop recently crashed… I knew it was not looking good and I was dreading paying a huge bill for service and have to deal with sleazy salespeople.
Luckily I called John at WebDispatch in San Ramon, he was very pleasant and to the point. He was upfront with pricing and with my options, and he was able to turn my laptop around the next day and transfer all my files to an external hard drive. The price was extremely reasonable, and John even gave me advice on finding a good value in a replacement laptop. Thanks!

~ Eric Zellhart, Oakland

“WebDispatch is the best!”

Every experience that we’ve had with Web Dispatch, has been flawless! Everyone is extremely nice, pleasant, easy to work with, and the best part, they solve the problem!! We have used them many times, and will continue to do so!
~ Nancy Hartley San Ramon

“WebDispatch has consistently been thorough, professional, effective and just an outstanding business.”

I simply wanted acknowledge what a great team you guys are. I have been coming to you for numerous years now when my machines have been on the fritz. More importantly though, you are one business I have actually recommended to my neighbor who was satisfied, as well as my father. To give a recommendation is a tricky thing because that is my reputation as well. But WebDispatch has consistently been thorough, professional, effective and just an outstanding business that provides real and lasting solutions for its customers.
~ Julia Modad, Danville

“WebDispatch understands the voice of the customer!”

I write to express my gratitude to the WebdDspatch team. I am a former CEO & have managed IT departments, thus understand the complexities of providing prompt technical service, ie, the Help desk. RECOMMENDATION: If you need technical assistance, you MUST give this team an opportunity to serve you. Professional, do what they say & affordable. I STRONGLY recommend their services as they have responded to my needs on more than one occasion….& when I had a repeat issue; I was given “comeback priority” service.
~ Roger L

“Your service was exceptional.”

Same day service on a Saturday, local access, personal service (versus getting lost in the crowd with those other guys) and you gave me a real education that will help keep my laptop in great shape, all for a reasonable price. I didn’t expect having IT support like this, you are my “go to guys” from now on.
~ Bob Donaldson, San Ramon

What other WebDispatch.com customers have to say:

The technicians are very knowledgeable, but still speak “English” and not tech speak. I learn something new each time.
~ Pam Covington

On call all the time, and they know what they are talking about and fix our problems.
~ Mary Kemp

Fast, reliable service – honesty even when dishonesty could be more profitable!
~ Thomas Given

I appreciated the fact that the technician took the time to explain to me in detail all the work that he performed. What I learned from him made me feel more confident about being able to run my system in the future.
~ Larry Rembrandt

Thank you, thank you! I appreciate your company and employees so much. All have been extremely helpful to me and I have recommended your company several times.
~ Mary Sembrat

So happy I found these guys. Contrats to Jim and his entire staff. You guys are top notch!
~ Steven Webb

Fast service, very knowledgeable and friendly staff.
~ Christine Stoker

Friendly people, excellent service, on-time – The Problem Gets Fixed. You people are terrific!
~ Tom Christensen

I like the staff’s ability to effectively communicate the issues and options.
~ Dave Schultz

We received nothing but excellent service. The staff over the phone and in the office were extremely friendly. We’re so glad we found WebDispatch and won’t hesitate to call again!
~ Jennifer Williams

Good customer service, dedicated staff, knowledgeable; reasonable prices.
~ Daniel Otieno

The computer is working better than ever. You have done a fantastic job of recovering my data and programs. I also appreciate your advice during the recovery process. Thank you very much.
~ Ed Lictman

The work and service that you did on my computer was outstanding. Customer goodwill is the most important method of increasing business for a company. I will recommend you to all of my friends. Thanks again.
~ Stan Glomstad