Our Fans

“They were straightforward and knowledgeable. I’ve used his services a couple of times, and every time he got right to the job.” – D. H.

“They were easy to work with and they followed up.” – L. F.

“They are prompt in returning my phone calls and most of the time you can get service on the same day you call. I enjoy getting their newsletter every month. It keeps me updated on their available services.” – D. D.

“They respond immediately and they are informative. Even though I am not a computer wizard, I can understand what they are talking about because they take the time to really explain and show me what I need to do.” – P. F.

“I liked their knowledge, service, and they took care of my problem.” – J. G.

“They were responsive. When I phoned and made the appointment they responded within 24 hours. I was very happy with their honesty too.” – B. C.

“They were professional. They showed up when they were supposed to and the job was done correctly.” – R. K.

“They were very professional and they knew what they were doing.” – J. Y.

“I liked their prompt service and they were very helpful.” – M. C.

“They showed up and got the problems with my computer fixed. They’re always there when they say they will be.” – C. J.

“They are easy to talk to and they respond in a timely manner.” – C. A.

“They are very polite, on time, and their prices are very reasonable.” – T. K.

“They were very prompt. When I had problems with my computer and internet connection they came out that day to fix the problems.” – B. N.

“They handle everything on a very professional level and they get the job done.” – S. B.

“I like that they pay attention to the details and they are nice to deal with. I usually recommend them to my friends.” – B. W.

“I got personal service and that’s what I liked. They listen to the customer and do exactly what the customer wants.” – R. M.

“They show up on time and they don’t over-charge. Also, if they say it’s going to take an hour, it takes an hour.” – S. R.

“They were prompt, competent, and they delivered good service at a fair price.” – B. G.

“They responded quickly and they were excellent to work with.” – L. L.

“They were available, dependable, and knowledgeable.” – S. P.

“I liked the prompt service and they were nice. They also knew what they were talking about and handled the issues I had well.” – M. P.

“They were knowledgeable, responsive, accurate, and efficient. I also liked that they handled things in the most economical way possible so the customer doesn’t spend too much.” – J. W.

“They were efficient and they went the extra mile. They were also easy to talk to and learn from.” – J. T.

“They gave me all the information I wanted and fixed my computer problem.” – J. B.

“They came out promptly and solved my computer problem.” – S. K.

“I liked the personal service and they understood what was frustrating me. They didn’t just fix the computer, but they took my needs into consideration.” – M. S.

“They came out the same day I called them. They were just great. They got everything taken care of in a matter of hours.” – M. C.

“They were knowledgeable and they got my computer back to me right away.” – B. B.

“Quick and efficient service” – R. J.

“They did what they said they were going to do.” – G. B.

“They were dependable and they came right out to fix the problem. I was glad that I found somebody that could come right out when those stupid viruses get on my computer.” – J. H.

“They were thorough and they got the job done. My computer is still working.” – R. B.

“They were very professional and they did what they said they were going to do. They very personable.” – A. P.

“They are prompt and knowledgeable. They come out on a regular basis to keep my equipment running perfectly.” – D. G.

“They did what they said they were going to do.” – J. S.

“They were responsive and they came out right away. They looked for all the problems, not just obvious ones. I also liked that they call to follow up on what they did.” – M. H.

“They’re friendly, honest, knowledgeable, and they work things out around your schedule. I also like the fact that they respond quickly to my phone calls.” – J. S.

“They are quick in returning phone calls.” – D. F.

“They came out quickly and the price was reasonable.” – D. F.

“The staff was very friendly, knowledgeable, and forthcoming about the service I was requesting. The service was done very quickly and I was back up and running in no time.” – T. J.

“Very timely service and knowledgeable and cordial staff.” – H. H.

“Fast, reliable service – honesty even when dishonesty could be more profitable!” – T. G.

“Your responsiveness, timeliness, and follow up were great!” – M. T.

“They went out of their way to try and fix my computer and came up with alternate solutions.” – R. B.

“Providing both services and hardware/software/knowledge and immediate attention are priceless…thanks to you all…” – M. K.

“Keep up the great service. I am a returning customer and you have my loyalty!” – O. G.

“The technicians are very knowledgeable, but still speak “English” and not tech speak. I learn something new each time.” – P. C.

“Friendly people who explain the workings of the computer.” – J. E.

“On call all the time, and they know what they are talking about and fix our problems.” – M. K.

“Keep up the good work! At present you are exactly what a small business should be!” – L. B.

“Thanks for your help. You fixed my problem and everything is working great.” – H. B.

“Very pleased with your service and the friendliness of your crew.” – L. S.

“They were responsive and informative. Patrick and Rob were just great. The newsletter is always great to read and it keeps me informed and gives important advice.” – S. F.

“They are close by and they provide quick service.” – S. M.

“I had a dead computer and there was nothing they could do about it. However, they were very attentive and they followed through with everything.” – M. W.

“I liked the fact that they got here fast.” – M. C.

“Responsive, Friendly. Solved our problem at the best price we could find.” – B. B.

“Reliable, small, local company. Have always come through to fix my problems.” – S. M.

“Very knowledgeable employees, repairs are very timely and service completed is well explained.” – A. N.

“I had a strange problem and they tackled it…and solved it.” – A. N.

“I appreciated the speed of the service and having help out to my car.” – K. M.

“A pleasure to do business with.” – S. M.

“I appreciate how personable everyone is and willing to answer my questions in a manner I can understand.” – R. E.

“Very easy to work with…no question is stupid.” – M. S.

“Friendly people, excellent service, on-time – The Problem Gets Fixed.” – T. C.