DataSafe Backup Service

If you have information on your computer that you want to be sure you don’t lose,
then our DataSafe Backup Service is for you.

Fully Automated Backups
Frees you and your staff from monitoring the backups or worrying if your data is safe.

Backups are monitored daily.
Backups are reviewed daily to ensure have been completed successfully and without errors. If there are any errors we will take action to correct them at no additional charge to you.

A Test Restore is performed at regular intervals
Gives you peace of mind that your data CAN be recovered and that your data is intact.

An “Image” Backup for is stored on your existing local hard drives. (3 computers)
Imaging your computer is similar to making an exact replica; that backup image can then be directly restored to another computer saving an enormous amount of time and money in getting your network back.

File and Folder data is safely stored off-site (3 computers)
Your valuable data is encrypted and stored at our U.S. based secure state of the art data center.

What if I accidentally delete a file?
Not a problem. Simply give us a call and we’ll have your files or folders restored within minutes, no charge.

What if I have a Disaster?
In case of a Disaster, WebDispatch will restore your data and get your business back online, no charge.*

Offsite Option Protects Against Fire, Flood and Burglary
If you select the offsite option, your data will be sent to our offsite backup server for safe keeping. In the event that you have a disaster, your data will still be recoverable. Only critical data will be sent offsite.  We will work with you to identify data to be backed up.

 Try our DataSafe Backup Service for 60 days.
If you are not satisfied for ANY REASON during the 1st 60 days, you may cancel
and receive 100% of what you have paid in monthly fees – no questions asked!

For more information contact  at or  925-855-9600